Friday, September 2, 2011

EDITORIAL: Gwen Lu, Kim Koo, Minyoung & Zaya in (Australian) Kurv Magazine #24, Fall 2011

Models: Gwen Lu (Major), Kim Koo (Wilhelmina), Minyoung (Fenton Moon) & Zaya (Fenton Moon)
Editorial: Normads of Mongolia
Magazine: (Australia) Kurv Magazine #24, Fall 2011
Photographer: Melissa Rodwell
Stylist: Donald Lawrence
Hair: Damian Monzillo
Makeup: Belinda Zollo



S H E N G S A W said...

awesome editorial! thanks for sharing! conrad.

Yoli said...

What a stunning editorial!

Shunichiro said...

This is fun! Even though these "nomads" are in a studio hut, the atmosphere is there; warm but cool, cozy but stylish. The girls look good and fit their roles. Nice one indeed.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous love this and love the huskies beautiful!!! xx

Martin Radhose said...


eminence grise said...

love the luxurious and nomadic styling..although the studio takes away from it.

Anonymous said...