Saturday, September 3, 2011

EDITORIAL: Sun Fei Fei in (American) W Magazine, September 2011

Model: Sun Fei Fei (Women)
Editorial: Transformers
Magazine: (American) W Magazine, September 2011
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Stylist: Edward Enninful
Hair: Jimmy Paul
Makeup: Pat McGrath

Source: Women Management Blog


Nadia said...

Her face is truly perfection. Love the 60's makeup in the second image.

FND said...

The editorial is called Transformers, where they transform the girls into well known women from the past. I forgot who Fei Fei was supposed to be, though Ive read it somewhere.

Beautiful, but then Ive always been a fan :)

eminence grise said...

steven meisel would know a good thing when he sees one. look at the versatility of this girl. im loving the first image, raw, wild, intense.

Anonymous said...

stunning girl..she only needs to get better with her poses-as in showing more variation and not relying on just her pretty face.....then, no one can stop her from becoming a real SUPERmodel!

S H E N G S A W said...

the more i see fei fei, the more i love her. gorgeous yet versatile to the core. x