Thursday, September 1, 2011

EDITORIAL: Li Ming in (Canada) Fashion Magazine, August 2011

Model: Li Ming (Women Direct)
Editorial: Almost Famous
Magazine: (Canada) Fashion Magazine, August 2011
Photographer: Adam Levett
Stylist: Susie Sheffman
Hair & Makeup: Susana Hong



Shunichiro said...

Nice little story for a editorial, if little clichéd, but the model really doesn't cut it through. She lacks the needed charm.

thwany said...

i love the first shot in the donut-shop, everything else is snore-fest.

julie said...

i'm just glad she's front and center and not just an accessory token minority.

Bertrand Vergnes said...

I love the last shot and find the whole concept quite good, yes it's a bit cliché but it's fresh and fun

S H E N G S A W said...

more of li ming please....x

Anonymous said...

Omg this editorial is one of the best I've ever seen!!