Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sonny Zhou in Neiman Marcus Christmas Book 2010

It is wonderful to see Sonny Zhou back in action again. I remember her being one of the first models to be featured on this blog over 3½ years ago. And she is still here.

Recently, she had a beautiful story in (UK) Surface Magazine and a solo editorial in (US) Marie Claire (a rare feat). Now here she is in one of the most important catalogs of the season, the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book.

Model: Sonny Zhou (IMG)
Story: Dashing Through The Snow
Catalog: Neiman Marcus: The Christmas Book 2010
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown

Source: Neiman Marcus


tothed said...

oooh good for her
catalogs pay a lot and the last pic is stunning

Anonymous said...

liu wen for barney's i dunno if this old or not, cant read chinese, just found this link when i searched liu

Anonymous said...

oh here's another one of ming xi

thwany said...

she's pretty

Anonymous said...

second and third pics aren't good but the first and last are great! mm, well, we win some, we lose some.

Yoli said...

She is lovely, glad to see her land the NM Christmas book.

Anonymous said...

the male model is beyond gorgeous , does someone know his name?