Saturday, October 9, 2010

Vintage: Rojjana Phetkanha & Nora Ariffin in Ad Campaign for Chanel Allure, Fall 1997

Rojjana Phetkanha is from Thailand and Nora Ariffin is Singaporean. These ads, featuring two of Southeast Asia's most famous models, appeared not only in Asia but in the US and European markets as well. This was in 1997! How amazing is that?

Model: Rojjana Phetkanha
Ad Campaign: Chanel Allure, Fall 1997
Photographer: Herb Ritts

Model: Nora Ariffin (Elite)
Ad Campaign: Chanel Allure, Fall 1997
Photographer: Herb Ritts

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it's just fashion la ! said...

it seems back then no one really was thinking about ' where are models of races ? '

seems everyone had a fair share. which is wonderful.

BOm'z Blog said...

i love Rojjana so much!!! she is the only Asian model that could make it this far She is also the first Asian model to rank #12 of the world ! However, Liu wen is the second model to make it.

She is only 173cm about the same as Kate moss that's why she is so unique from other models at that time.She also did Vogue Singapore too!! This is Rojjana's fanpage and some of her works she did in Milan Paris SouthAfrica England Thailand and Singapore.!/group.php?gid=114379291932376&v=photos

thwany said...