Monday, October 11, 2010

Ming Xi in Editorial for (Denmark) Dansk Magazine #24, Fall/Winter 2010

Model: Ming Xi (Ford)
Editorial: The Commuter
Magazine: (Denmark) Dansk Magazine #24, Fall/Winter 2010
Photographer: Alex Sainsbury
Creative Director: Uffe Buchard
Fashion Editor: Toby Grimditch
Hair: Hiroshi Matsush1ta
Makeup: Jose Bass at Frank Agency

Source: Ford Models


Anonymous said...

Ming <3

But I still miss Du Juan!! She is more beautiful and a better model than any newer chinese models

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Great black and white pictures!

thwany said...

i like this

FND said...

I think Ming Xi now fills the void that was left by the late Daul. She is pretty edgy look wise.

Yoli said...

I agree with FND, definitely fills the void left by Daul. She is really beautiful in an edgy otherworldly way.