Monday, September 27, 2010

Devon Aoki in Editorial for (Australian) RUSSH Magazine #36, October/November 2010

Model: Devon Aoki (One)
Editorial: Hollywood
Magazine: (Australian) RUSSH Magazine #36, October/November 2010
Photographer: Will Davidson
Stylist: Stevie Dance

Source: & RUSSH Magazine


thwany said...

she still looks great

thana said...

old.. maybe stopbleaching ur hair? and more versality in the face

Anonymous said...

that was pretty boring

prowsgd said...

she's beautifulllll
but why put her so far away?

Anonymous said...


thehautepursuit said...

isn't all fashion been there done that? i don't get the 'dull' comments. i think these photos are still really pretty. and heck, devon can do no wrong in my eyes.