Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ming Xi Magazine Cover for Madame Figaro China, August 2010

Model: Ming Xi (Ford)
Magazine Cover: Madame Figaro China, August 2010
Photographer: Unknown
Stylist: Unknown

Source: Yendor @ tfs


j.conas said...

ever since this year's london fashion week have i really started loving this girl

shmoop said...


ming also for shanghai tang

shmoop said...

oh, and here's a new model
nae is grace gao, i think
heres two links, one exclusively for grace


and one for the new numero china october issue (warning, a little
racy :))) there's a lot of pictures scattered throughout the forum, just fyi


FND said...

Grace is pretty cool. I like her. She has a very unique face that transforms really well with make up. Sometimes I think she looks like a blasian mix like Chanel Iman. Her face is not 100% oriental looking. Very multicultural kind of beauty. Love her Numero cover! So sexy.

thwany said...

she was everywhere this season during ny fashion week. good for her.