Sunday, September 26, 2010

Liu Wen, Ming Xi, Sun Feifei, Tao Okamoto & Shu Pei in Magazine Cover for Vogue China, September 2010

Models: Tao Okamoto (Ford), Liu Wen (Marilyn), Shu Pei (Next), Ming Xi (Ford) & Sun Feifei (Women)
Magazine Cover: Vogue China, September 2010
Photographer: Daniel Jackson
Stylist: Nicoletta Santoro

Source: scanned by 212 @


Asi Mod said...

Forgot to post this earlier.

thwany said...

i guess korean models are so two seasons ago

Anonymous said...

I want to see more korean models. I miss Daul.

j.conas said...

fei fei stole the show
oh, and there's a second cover too, just in case you havent noticed

大亨内 said...

as I said on thefashionspot THIS is major lol the best cover in years of Chinese Vogue = great girls, gret colors, beautiful cover and the other cover isn't good at all so it's better to only show this one in my opinion loool the other one looks like a behind-the-scenes pic