Monday, December 7, 2009

Han Jin Editorial

Where has Han Jin been lately? I haven't seen much activities from her since she skipped the Sprimg/Summer 2010 collection.

That said, this is an amazing editorial. If someone has the full set, please e-mail me.

Model: Han Jin (Marilyn)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Unknown
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Esteem Models Korea via Sethii @ tFs


Anonymous said...

i think she's pursuing Art studies in Korea and modelling locally for Korean magazines and things

Han is around Du Juan's age but she never really had any campaigns or editorials outside of Korea did she? I think she made the right choice but i will miss her fierce face at Louis Vuitton :)

Unknown said...

Hmm, I agree with you--I like this editorial. She looks very fresh in it.

thwany said...

she's awesome.

it's just fashion la ! said...

always see her fierce but this is kinda toned down.

which is nice. she looks cute.

unsourirerouge said...

i can see why she rather studies. not to say modeling sucks its just really tiring

rodney said...

^she has had a good run.

Also i saw her briefly in the September Issue backstage in the tents :)

chiu T carmen said...

oh shes not doing international modeling anymore??

Her face is demanding tho..

I will miss her..think i might see less of her work out there...