Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Devon Aoki Editorial for Numéro Tokyo, December 2009

Model: Devon Aoki (One Model)
Editorial: My Forbidden Love
Magazine: Numéro Tokyo, December 2009
Photographer: Sebastian Kim
Stylist: Katie Mossman
Makeup: Lisa Houghton @ JedRoot
Hair: Brent Lawler @ Cutler
Manicure: Michina Koide @ Art Department

Source: Scanned by a.t. @ tFs / Flashbang @ tFs


Anonymous said...

an exact copy of an editorial from W ages ago

it's just fashion la ! said...

looks like miu miu campaign.

she looks kawaiii

Anonymous said...

kinda trashy but i guess thats what they were going for.. the second to last pic, with the lights, is nice.

Anonymous said...

oh, these pictures are old, did they just publish them?

chiu T carmen said...

Sebastian Kim's work is awesome!!!!!!!! ; 0 )

I love Devon's poses!!!!! :D:D
shes too gd at that!

Lucy said...

I think she's ugly but she is an awesome model!

Laila said...

love sebastian kim's work, the colours are amazing, as always, one of this pictures are my desktop now.

guys wearing boxers said...

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Anonymous said...

She used to be one of my favorite models when she first came out but her body looks so short in these. There is no length to her legs at all. She isn't that short but proportionally her legs are very short. Still these are good photos and i like her poses.

rkm. said...

great devon!
i also saved some pictures from this shooting on my laptop :)


i'm a big fan of this blog!!!!! asian pride :)

Anonymous said...

wow, shes a really good model...love it

Ashburn Eng said...

such a beautiful set to die for!!

Anonymous said...

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