Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London Fashion Week, Fall 2012: Tuesday, February 22, 2012

This is by no means a complete list of models and shows at the London Fashion Week.
The list below will be updated daily until the fashion week event is over.

Special Thanks for Fendie @ FND for his help with ID-ing all the girls.

Number of Shows this Season:
Bonnie Chen (Next London): 4
Gwen Lu (M&P): 3
Han Hye Yeon (Profile): 1
Hye Seung (IMG): 6
Jennifer Koch (M&P): 4
Liao Shiya (FM): 3
Lina Zhang (Elite London): 6
Liu Wen (Select): 2
Liu Xu (Storm): 4
Miao Bin Si (Models1): 4 [Open: 1]
Ming Xi (Elite London): 10
Park Hee Hyun (Agency??): 1
Shu Pei (Next London): 4
Sissi Hou (IMG London): 2
Smita Lasrado (IMG London): 4
So Young Kang (Storm): 6 [Close: 1]
Sui He (Storm): 2
Sumin Jeon (M&P): 1
Sung Hee (FM): 5 [Open: 1, Close: 1]
Tao Okamoto (Premier): 4
Tian Yi (Storm): 3
Vanessa Lee (Storm): 3
Wang Xiao (Premier): 6
Xiao Wen (IMG London): 4

Models: Sung Hee (FM) [Open, Close], Han Hye Yeon (Profile) & Jennifer Koch (M&P)
Designer: Aminaka Wilmont

Model: Smita Lasrado (IMG London)
Designer: Emilio de la Morena

Model: Wang Xiao (Premier)
Designer: Holly Fulton

Model: Sui He (Storm)
Designer: McQ

Model: Vanessa Lee (Storm)
Designer: Meadham Kirchoff

Models: So Young Kang (Storm) & Hye Seung (IMG London)
Designer: Osman

Models: Sung Hee (FM)
Designer: Peter Jensen

Model: Wang Xiao (Premier)
Designer: Roksanda Ilincic


Anonymous said...

I think PJ1&2 are this same girl, Sung Hee.

Anonymous said...

these are NO way near close to the correct numbers, you haven't even gone through all the off schedule and vauxhall fashion scout shows!!! LOADS of asian gurls there