Tuesday, February 21, 2012

London Fashion Week, Fall 2012: Monday, February 20, 2012

This is by no means a complete list of models and shows at the London Fashion Week.
The list below will be updated daily until the fashion week event is over.

Special Thanks for Fendie @ FND for his help with ID-ing all the girls.

Number of Shows this Season:
Bonnie Chen (Next London): 4
Gwen Lu (M&P): 3
Hye Seung (IMG): 5
Jennifer Koch (M&P): 3
Liao Shiya (FM): 3
Lina Zhang (Elite London): 6
Liu Wen (Select): 2
Liu Xu (Storm): 4
Miao Bin Si (Models1): 4 [Open: 1]
Ming Xi (Elite London): 10
Park Hee Hyun (Agency??): 1
Shu Pei (Next London): 4
Sissi Hou (IMG London): 2
Smita Lasrado (IMG London): 3
So Young Kang (Storm): 5 [Close: 1]
Sui He (Storm): 1
Sumin Jeon (M&P): 1
Sung Hee (FM): 3
Tao Okamoto (Premier): 4
Tian Yi (Storm): 3
Vanessa Lee (Storm): 2
Wang Xiao (Premier): 4
Xiao Wen (IMG London): 4

Models: Lina Zhang (Elite London), Shu Pei (Next London), Xiao Wen (IMG London) & Tian Yi (Storm)
Designer: Acne

Model: Liao Shiya (FM)
Designer: Antipodium

Model: Sui He (Storm)
Designer: Antonio Berardi

Models: Sung Hee (FM), Tian Yi (Storm), Smita Lasrado (IMG London) & Sissi Hou (IMG London)
Designer: Ashley Isham

Model: Gwen Lu (M&P)
Designer: Bernard Chandran

Models: Lina Zhang (Elite London), Shu Pei ( Next London) & Liu Wen (Select)
Designer: Burberry Prorsum

Model: Miao Bin Si (Models1)
Designer: Christian Blanken

Model: Lina Zhang (Elite London)
Designer: Christopher Kane

Models: Hye Seung (IMG London)
Designer: Craig Lawrence

Model: Ming Xi (Elite London)
Designer: Erdem

Models: Miao Bin Si (Models1) [Open] & Hye Seung (IMG London)
Designer: Eudon Choi

Models: Vanessa Lee (Storm), Sung Hee (FM) & Hye Seung (IMG London)
Designer: Fashion East

Models: Xiao Wen (IMG London) & Shu Pei (Next London)
Designer: Giles

Models: Jennifer Koch (M&P) & Smita Lasrado (IMG London)
Designer: Jena.Thea

Model: Liao Shiya (FM)
Designer: Louise Gray

Models: Sung Hee (FM) & Xiao Wen (IMG London)
Designer: Mark Fast

Model: So Young Kang (Storm)
Designer: Michael van der Ham

Models: Lina Zhang (Elite London) & Ming Xi (Elite London)
Designer: Peter Pilloto

Model: Ming Xi (Elite London)
Designer: Pringle of Scotland

Model: Liu Wen (Select)
Designer: Stella McCartney


Anonymous said...

i think Unknown CL1 at the Craig Lawrence show is Simone Carvalho :) and she's a Brazilian :) not asian

Anonymous said...

I think CL2 is Hye Seung.

Anonymous said...

fei fei, where are you?