Saturday, February 12, 2011

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011/Winter 2012: Saturday, February 12, 2011

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the NYFW. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Aliza Jungutdinova (Women Direct): 1
Bonnie Chen (Next): 3
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 1
Coco Kazue (One): 2
Danica Magpantay (Ford): 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump): 2
Huang Xiao Meng (Major): 2
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 1
Hyun Yi Lee (Silent): 1
Jia Jing (New York): 2
Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent): 1
Jill Chiu (Request): 1
Jing Ma (Muse): 3
Lela Wang (Wilhelmina): 1
Li Ming (Women Direct): 2
Lily Zhi (IMG): 3
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 4
Melissa Chu (Direct): 1
Ming Xi (Ford): 4
Noma Han (Red): 1
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 2
So Young Kang (Marilyn): 4 [Close: 1]
Soyyora Saydiganieva (Women Direct): 1
Sui He (New York): 2
Sun FeiFei (Women): 4
Tao Okamoto (Ford): 5 [Open: 1]
Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina): 4
Xiao Wen (IMG): 1
Zhu Lin (IMG): 1

Models: Bonnie Chen (Next) & So Young Kang (Marilyn)
Designer: ADAM

Model: Tao Okamoto (Ford)
Designer: Edun

Model: Sui He (New York)
Designer: Jill Stuart

Models: Lily Zhi (IMG) & Xiao Wen (IMG)
Designer: Libertine

Models: Tao Okamoto (Ford) & Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Nicole Miller

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn), Ming Xi (Ford), Sun FeiFei (Women) & Bonnie Chen (Next)
Designer: Prabal Gurung

Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn) & Sun FeiFei (Women)
Designer: Rag & Bone

Model: Ping Hue Cheung (DNA)
Designer: Rebecca Minkoff

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump)
Designer: Sally LaPointe

Models: Coco Kazue (One) & Melissa Chu (Direct)
Designer: ThreeAsFour

Models: Tao Okamoto (Ford) & Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina)
Designer: United Bamboo


thwany said...

wang xiao looks so cute at united bamboo

Anonymous said...

danica magpantay and charlene almarvez were featured in NORMAN AMBROSE too,,,

FND++ said...

Jil Stuart's Unknown - Sui He
Libertine - Lily Zhi and Xiao Wen

Fei Fei was at Altuzarra today!

bbjesus said...

Charlene was on Jenny Packham, Alice Ritter's Presentation & Hexa by Kuho