Saturday, February 12, 2011

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2011/Winter 2012: Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm impressed with so many NEW faces at the show this year. The new girls are gorgeous!

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows from the NYFW. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Aliza Jungutdinova (Women Direct): 1
Bonnie Chen (Next): 1
Charlene Almarvez (Ford): 1
Coco Kazue (One): 1
Danica Magpantay (Ford): 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump): 1
Huang Xiao Meng (Major): 2
Hyoni Kang (Ford): 1
Hyun Yi Lee (Silent): 1
Jia Jing (New York): 2
Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent): 1
Jill Chiu (Request): 1
Jing Ma (Muse): 3
Lela Wang (Wilhelmina): 1
Li Ming (Women Direct): 2
Lily Zhi (IMG): 2
Liu Wen (Marilyn): 2
Ming Xi (Ford): 3
Noma Han (Red): 1
Ping Hue Cheung (DNA): 1
So Young Kang (Marilyn): 3; Close: 1
Soyyora Saydiganieva (Women Direct): 1
Sui He (New York): 1
Sun FeiFei (Women): 2
Tao Okamoto (Ford): 2
Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina): 2
Zhu Lin (IMG): 1

Model: Jia Jing (New York)
Designer: Costello Tagliapietra

Models: Lily Zhi (IMG) & Sui He (New York)
Designer: Doo.Ri

Models: Bonnie Chen (Next), Li Ming (Women Direct) & Jing Ma (Muse)
Designer: Christian Siriano

Models: Ming Xi (Ford), Sun FeiFei (Women) & Liu Wen (Marilyn)
Designer: Jason Wu

Models: Lela Wang (Wilhelmina), Jiang Xiao Yi (Silent), Unknown 3, Unknown 4 & Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina)
Designer: Jeremy Laing

Model: Li Ming (Women Direct)
Designer: Mara Hoffman

Models: Ming Xi (Ford) & Tao Okamoto (Ford)
Designer: Peter Som

Models: Huang Xiao Meng (Major) & Danica Magpantay (Ford)
Designer: Porter Grey

Models: Hyoni Kang (Ford) & Coco Kazue (One)
Designer: Rachel Comey

Model: So Young Kang (Marilyn)
Designer: Rebecca Taylor

Model: [Close] So Young Kang (Marilyn)
Designer: Ruffian

Model: Jill Chiu (Request)
Desginer: Tess Giberson

Models: Danica Magpantay (Ford) & Noma Han (Red)
Designer: Tim Hamilton

Models: Wang Xiao (Wilhelmina) & Lily Zhi (IMG)
Designer: Wayne

Models: Jing Ma (Muse) & Huang Xiao Meng (Major)
Designer: Wes Gordon


Jay said...

Unknown model 1 at Doo.Ri is Lily Zhi :)

AMB said...

Thanks for the info, Jay.

Jay said...

Your welcome :) Btw, Charlene, Coco Kazue, and Li Ming were at Norman Ambrose too :)

pictures here:

thwany said...

so many new facesss.

Anonymous said...

Li Ming is at Women Direct

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness So Young has so much glamour!

FND++ said...

The first girl is indeed Jia Jing.
Unknown from Doo.Ri is Sui He.
Unknown 1 at Jeremy Laing is Lela.
Unknown 3,4 is the same girl and I'm thinking it could be Lily J from One Management but I could be wrong. She kinda looked like Eugenia as well..but I hope someone can identify this one.

Anonymous said...

Coco Kazue is with One Management...

Li Ming/Carolyn Geh is with Women Direct

AMB said...

<3 Thanks for the information, everyone. <3

I could never put this list together without your help.

Tiffany said...

Nicole Miller had several Asian girls, including Tao.

Anonymous said...

There are definitely more asian girls on the scene now. But I noticed that casting directors and designers are still not diversifying their casts as much as I thought they would this season. There were a lot of show where there were --zip-- minorities.

FND++ said...

looking at it from another picture, the unknown at Jeremy Laing is actually Eugenia Mandhizieva