Wednesday, February 23, 2011

EDITORIAL: So Young Kang & Grace Gao in Numéro China #5, January/February 2011

Models: So Young Kang (Marilyn) & Grace Gao (Viva Paris)
Editorial: Double Angel
Magazine: Numéro China #5, January/February 2011
Photographer: Tiziano Magni
Stylist: Alexandra van Houtte
Makeup: Houda Remita
Hair: Maxime Mace

Source: sobigsobig


Anonymous said...

great photos but im not sure i like the way the makeup translates in some of the later photos, makes her look "bug eyed"

Anonymous said...

oops!!! sorry i didnt realize it was two different girls! lols well, great photography. love B & W images

thwany said...

love the black & white

Anonymous said...

why doesnt vogue korea use so young very often? i feel like these asian models for the most part are only supported by vogue china or something

Anonymous said...

So Young is SUPER!

Anonymous said...

anon 8:05,
Vogue Korea use a lot of Korean models all the time and So Young Kang has been regular for them for recent years. So it's not true Vogue Korea infrequently use her and other Korean/Asian models. However you can see here a few Korean models only because this blog is mostly focused on Asian Models working internationally.