Monday, February 21, 2011

EDITORIAL: Daisuke Ueda by Weston Wells

Model: Daisuke Ueda
Editorial: The New Traditionalist
Magazine: Unknown
Photographer: Weston Wells
Stylist: Randall Jacobs
Grooming: Justin St. Clair
Art Director: Eric Coles

Source: via fashionisto


thwany said...

he looks great, love this.

Anonymous said...

yea i saw these and died. daisuke has the best face structure out there. sen mitsuji rocks the androgyny.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ueda, you are mine.

Полина said...


Krissy Ho ~ said...

wow! love it!
Krissy xoxo

Anonymous said...

ah! so handsome!

Anonymous said...

So friggin hot!!!

Anonymous said...

he is so, so, so hot.

hot men of Asia said...

yes i love him, he is so hot and is great on those slim cut