Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Eugenia Mandzhieva & Daul Kim Editorial for Vogue Korea, December 2009

Models: Eugenia Mandzhieva (Trump) & Daul Kim (Next)
Editorial: Tyen's Work
Magazine: Vogue Korea, December 2009
Photographer: Tyen
Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz

Source: childkid @ tFs


it's just fashion la ! said...

she looks great.

hope to see more of her works :)

S H E N G S A W said...

tyen is one of talented artise in the world, great work and great models.
thanks for sharing! nicey.

chiu Carmen said...

daul's poses are so GOOOOOOD :')

L. said...

For the above:

You do know Daul Kim committed suicide, right?

HumanAdult said...

Daul is so beautiful here.
Will miss her.

Anonymous said...

maybe bshan was referring to eugenia? anyways, i thought this was a strange editorial. so disjointed. the first pic of eugenia is scary to me and the best photo is the second to last, of DAUL. the other pic of daul was weird cos it was like she wasnt supposed to be in the scene and kinda just poked her head in..just my thoughts. anyone else?

Ashburn Eng said...

they look like they have great fun dancing in those amazing shoes!!

it's just fashion la ! said...

daul probably had more editorials she worked on, before she passed away.

i know the obvious, but i hope to see more of her work if it is possibly getting published.

Lucy in the Sky said...

Eugenia's face is quite haunting...pity that she doesn't score more editorials. :(

and Daul, what a talented beauty she was!

Anonymous said...

Eugenia must be one of the most underrated models

give her more campaigns, shes one of a kind!

Unknown said...


RIP Daul:

Anonymous said...

how about some Daul 2010?
or there will never be any of her works posted... anybody?