Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Anna Wang Magazine Cover for Vogue Portugal, December 2009

Wow, two Asian models back-to-back on the cover of Vogue Portugal. Who would have thought this was possible. Congratulations and thank you, Vogue Portugal.

This is the best photo I could find for the December 2009 issue of Vogue Portugal. Once I get a better scan, I will replace the current photo below.

Model: Anna Wang (MC2)
Magazine Cover: Vogue Portugal, December 2009
Photographer: Mei Yuan Gui

Source: www.xl.pt/mrkt/vogue


Marce said...

She looks gorgeous on the cover. There are so many pretty Asian models, they should do more covers with them!

Anonymous said...

I see lots of Asian-looking latinos so i guess thats why :)

ie Bruna Tenorio o.O

Chiu Carmen said...

she doesnt look like Chinese! :)
anyway! Vogue had 2 asian models for covers consecutively!!?
its so unusual...
maybe there is implication! :D
Asian models are rising for sure!

angel said...

They should do this who the other version of vogue.

I can totally see ai tominaga on the cover of french or italian vogue

HumanAdult said...

She's gorge but the face kinda looked like she went "WTF? What? Ha? Who? Where?"


ana said...

hehehe right

I want to step into this glamour industry. Can any one help me out to getting an excellent network of existing models and photographer where I can learn more?

i am gud in making weird face.:D

DamnModel said...

Hi Ana,

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Trina said...

She looks great ;]

_danny said...

i love your blog and the fact that you showcase asian models.. definitely an everyday read!