Saturday, September 5, 2009

Vingtage Saturday: Ling Tan Ad Campaign for Prescriptives Cosmetics, Spring 1998

I still remember the first time I saw these ads when it first appeared in magazines in early 1998. I was totally blown away by them because they were so different and there was an Asian face on them. Since then, I've been a huge fan of Ling Tan.

Model: Ling Tan (IMG)
Ad Campaign: Prescriptives Cosmetics, Spring1998
Photographer: Michelangelo di Battista

Source: Ready Set Fashion


Anonymous said...

mixed reviews, i love what they did with her eyes and lips in the firt photo. blush? a little too bold but the worst part is the weird hair. in the second pictures, they gave her strange eybrows and again, strange cheekbones. i find that stylists would only do such weird things with asian models.. its like, let's make them as otherworldly/alienish as possible since they are "exotic".
lips are meh.

Anonymous said...

Please credit these 2 photos Prescriptives Cosmetic Ad. It was shot by Italian photographer Michelangelo di Battista.