Friday, September 4, 2009

Hye Park Editorial for (German) Qvest, March/April 2009

Model: Hye Park (Trump)
Editorial: Casting
QVEST (March/April 2009)
Photographer: Aitken Jolly

Source: Scans by Fashion Gone Rogue


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Its cool to see more diversity in some of the European magazines!

Anonymous said...

Miss you so much, Hye!! :(

Anonymous said...

at first, i was like how ugly, they didn't put makeup on her, but then, i realized, how conditioned i am to thikn that models and photoshoots MUST have make up on. I think her pose and stare are riveting and cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey,i think Hye Park is a stunner..
but,just feel tired...
btw watch these two girls,
Azila(Women Direct)&Yana(Elite NY)
They are asian from Russia,and Azila has a showcard this season!^^

and Chinese model Sun Feifei is a new wave too!Please check TFS^^

b for bhisan said...

stunning beautiful ! :) best shot i have seen of her.

trina's reality said...

I love her.