Friday, August 14, 2009

Mey Bun Magazine Cover for (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009

Mey Bun is having a resurgence right now. She did her first show at New York Fashion Week, Spring 2004 so she's been around for a few of years. However, in the last couple of months, she has appeared on Russian Vogue (August 2009), Dazed & Confused (July 2009) and now, she landed a cover for (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009.

Does anyone know if she has been with New York Models the whole time or did she switch agency and got a boost in her career?

Also, I noticed that her look has changed dramatically. She has lost a lot of weight and turned her cutesy, baby face look into a leaner, svelte model.

Model: Mey Bun (New York)
Magazine: (Brazil) U Magazine, July 2009
Photographer: Timothy Rosado
Stylist: Poodle Pushers
Makeup & Hair: Lorraine Godfry



Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Wow! Nice cover...She looks AWESOME! Sorry..I don't know the answer to any of those questions..But way for a cool model like this to get a Brazilian cover!

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William Akira said...

Go Mey!!! :D

Anonymous said...

yeaaa finally, looking good girl!

Anonymous said...

the rest of her shoot! she looks so good!

Anonymous said...

i believe she has always been at NYM.

kokostiletto said...

so glad to hear she is still around

TrickyMaus said...

She has always been at NYM. You should speak to George Speros for more info on her.

suzanne said...

gorgeous! i just stumbled on your blog and i LOVE it! am def subscribing... keep writing! :)


theiconixphoto said...

That's a great shot and she's truly gorgeous!