Thursday, August 13, 2009

Allen Tsai Editorial for Vanity Fair Italia, May 2009

If anyone has more photos from this editorial, please let me know.

Model: Allen Tsai (NEXT)
Editorial: Ritratti di Famiglia
Magazine: Vanity Fair Italia, May 2009
Photographer: Giovanni Gastel
Stylist: Bettina Casanova

Source: Success Models


kokostiletto said...


Anonymous said...

i want such a cool family (love the little boy!)

Anonymous said...

the photographer is GIOVANNI GASTEL

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks, Anon #2.

Lactose Intoler-Art said...

Really cool photo...but I've gotta be honest..Am I the only one who's SLIGHTLY creeped by this pic of Allen Tsai?

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Anonymous said...

he always has that intense look. i must admit , this is the first time ive been turned on by it lols

Anonymous said...

Hey there…Giovanni Gastel also shot the photos of star model Jourdan Dunn wearing lingerie showpieces for Triumph Inspiration Award ’09! Have a look at the outcome – just beautiful!!