Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hyun Yi Lee & Han Jin Magazine Cover for Vogue Korea, June 2009

I absolutely love this cover -- the colors are amazing. And it has two of my favorite models, Hyun Yi Lee and Han Jin.

Models: Hyun Yi Lee (Major) & Han Jin (Marilyn)
Magazine Cover: Vogue Korea, June 2009
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Models.com


b for bhisan said...

i am wondering if han jin feels comfortable in her shoes. cuz it does look like it is too small for her.
haven't seen her for ages.

and her international runway career is a bit slow now.

is she doing better back in korea or ?

i am wondering what their secondary plans are if they fade out.

Anonymous said...

B - Han was in the Chanel Cruise show but i think shes fading because shes in the same agency as Liu wen and they kind of look alike...only Liu looks less harsh so i think thats why she is getting less work

anyway this cover is meh... want another hye cover!

Pigleto said...

Does anybody have the Prada edit inside! Where can you buy in the US? ;) thanks :)