Monday, May 25, 2009

Hye Park Editorial for US Elle, June 2009

I'm all for avant garde work/editorial but these are not the most attractive or flattering photographs of Hye Park. In fact, some of the photos are particularly hideous!!! Why do US fashion editors feel the need to make Asian models look at weird as possible? Hye is such a beautiful girl but you couldn't tell at all from these photos.

Joe Zee, Anne Slowey and Roberta Myers, what were you all smoking in the back closet when this came across your desk? The Joe Zee and Anne Slowey from Stylista (the defunct tv-show) would have ripped this to pieces.

Model: Hye Park (Trump)
Editorial: Body Language
Magazine: US Elle, June 2009
Photographer: Richard Bush
Stylist: Sarah Richardson

Source: Scanned by Jacobs @ tFs


The 17 Year Old Intern said...

the styling is okay.
but you're deinfitely spot on with the stuffed up makeup.

Esuterra said...

It's not too bad, just kindof boring.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...


Anonymous said...

yay fizzy hair and quasimoto makeup. you're right some of these pics are terrible! it's not even like they were trying to do something futuristic or mystical..poor hye..oh well, we can erase this from our memories.

b for bhisan said...

yes shots are good ... i bet there were better shots in the bunch definitely. and also the hair and make is too much.

and also she is short. the clothes don't execute well with her body proportions.

FND said...

some of the pics are indeed unflattering but some are rather fabulous. I blame the one who picked the photo post shooting. There must be better shots. I particularly loved the 3rd last shot. Gorge.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I guess that's what they call.... fashion (??). =P

Asian Models Blogger said...

The only photo I think that is marginally presentable is photo #2.

Anonymous said...

b - shes not that short, shes at least 5'9"

but i think the fact is that americans just dont know their way around an asian model :/ some things they do with white girls juts dont work well with asian girls