Friday, May 8, 2009

Gwen Lu Editorial for (Malaysia) NuYou Magazine, March 2009

Model: Gwen Lu (Elite) & Yulia (Andrew Models)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: (Malaysia) NuYou, March 2009
Photographer: Chintoo
Stylist: Monica Mong
Hair: Lois Lee
Makeup: Amber Lee

Source: Chintoo & What Makes Me Happy


Lactose Intoler-Art said...

I love Gwen Lu!

meki said...

photos are great but as usual. she only gives one expression... and her photos from asia always looks good...

Anonymous said...

How does she keep getting work? I find her so mediocre, so much better asian models.

Anonymous said...

Photo 3 (black background) is amazing.

b for bhisan said...

ah gwen gwen gwen :D ! such incredible person ! :D

Anonymous said...

I really struggle to see the potential in Gwen Lu.

shawna x. said...

beautiful. inspiration for a future art piece. FOLLOW!

Anonymous said...

Interesting folio but very stale
in the total image.
Not a very flexi changeover.
Seems to see her folio in men's
makeover & grooming style -
always 1 look. Too predictable.
Should change her edginess to
show her potential.
Still prefer Emma Pei & Zhang
Xu Chao.

AMB said...

First off, the styling is beyond the control of the models. And secondly, the styling here is totally feminine and original, if I may add.