Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rila Fukushima Editorial for Nippon Vogue, October 2008

Finally, we see an Asian/Japanese model (Rila Fukushima) in the pages of Nippon Vogue, albeit it is in one of the smaller, minor editorials for the October 2008 issue. Nippon Vogue is not known for using Asian models on its pages, either on the covers or in editorials. It has consistently used Caucasian models in almost every feature except the local gossip columns and society pages.

Korea Vogue, on the other hand, rarely feature non-Korean Asian models on its editorials either. I guess we can at least applaud it for using its own people to fill the pages but I would love to see it feature other Asian models of non-Korean nationality. Ditto with India Vogue.

China Vogue is probably the most inclusive of all the Asian Vogue titles. It has consistently used Ai Tominaga, as well as Hye Park, Han Jin, Eugenia Mandzhieva and Juliana Imai in its pages. For that, I applaud China Vogue as the best Asian Vogue titles.

Model: Rila Fukushima
Editorial: Enchanting Witches
Magazine: Nippon Vogue, October 2008
Photographer: Bjorn Iooss
Stylist: Dora Fung
Hair & Makeup: Enrico Mariotti

Source: Bjorn Mariotti


Anonymous said...

India Vogue is very disappointing with its use of any model on its has a bad habit of putting the same old Bollywood actresses on its covers. Boring!!

Btw, Lakshmi Menon is on the cover of Elle India in its next issue and she is apparently featured in next month's Vogue U.S. issue! Can't wait to see posts!

Anonymous said...

Daul kim has an editorial in TANK magazine & V magazine shot by steven miesel

The Stiletto Effect said...

If Nippon Vogue is not known for using Asian models on its pages, I suppose this is a huge step!
Rila looks so cool in this editorial. And the clothes are awesome!

Anonymous said...

I would be very suprised if vogue india uses a pakistani,bangladeshi or sri lankan model, I don't think thats possible! They just put boring bolloywood actresses and victoria bekham

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooh i'm digging this girl's hair colour

pangea said...

this kid is gangsta keep giv'n the the real stuff