Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gwen Lu Editorial for SOON Magazine #7 Spring 2009

I have to admit, this is Gwen Lu's edgiest editorial work to date. Her recent trip to Paris over the summer definitely paid off when she shot with Paris-based photographers Naomi Yang (for Taiwan Vogue, September 2008; French Biba, October 2008) and Justin Cooper (for French SOON Magazine #7, Spring 2009). She also has an editorial in the November 2008 issue of French Glamour, which I'm still trying to hunt down.

If anyone has a copy of this month's French Glamour (Penelope Cruz on the cover), please scan Gwen Lu's editorial for me.

Model: Gwen Lu
Editorial: Fields of Sorrow
Magazine: SOON Magazine #7, Spring 2009
Photographer: Justin Cooper
Stylist: Laurent Dombrowicz
Makeup: Miky @ BAgency
Hair: Philippe Mensah @ BAgency

Source: MySpace/SOON Magazine


Kent Johnson said...

Fantastic B&W, feeeel the quality! I am so jealous!

... said...

I'm definitely a fan of this photoshoot , it's exactly the kind of photos that makes me turn insane ...extremely stylish

Anonymous said...

Avant-garde .
This is good stuff. Very Impressive
You Can't never go wrong with monotone shots.
She got some crazy hair extensions.
Another point proven that model still can have short hair and not being restricted to editorial styling.