Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hyun Yi Lee Editorial for Korea Vogue, August 2008

This dark and interesting editorial from Korea Vogue, August 2008 has an eerie feel to it, perfect for the upcoming Halloween holiday. It also looks like an Icelandic widow mourning for her late husband whose boat went missing after a dark storm -- so apropo for the economic crisis in Iceland now.

Korea Vogue should have saved this for their October 2008 issue, in my opinion.

Model: Hyun Yi Lee
Editorial: Black Obssession
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar Korea, August 2008
Photographer: Park Ji Hyuk

Source: DCM Models


Secret Agent said...

Whoa, these pictures awesome! The first couple of pictures are very cool and this model's sexy.

lapetitediva said...

Yeah, this editorial would've been PERFECT for the October issue. The first and last pics are my absolute favorites.

Fashion Tidbits said...

i love the pic where she's holding the white roses!

Anonymous said...

I love first and last pics as well!! and.. Korea doesn't really celebrate Halloween... Instead, they celebrate(...?) the dark and the scary in summer to chase away the heat of summer.. So in korean's point of view, I think it was appropriate decision to put this kind of editorial in August :D

Anonymous said...
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The Dark Bohemian said...

your blog is outstanding , with amazing photos , actually the exact type of photos I like