Thursday, September 11, 2008

New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2009: September 10

This is not a complete nor comprehensive list of models and shows from the New York Fashion Week. All information are gathered from,,, and tFs.

The list is constantly updated!!

Number of Shows this Season:

Anne Watanabe: 3
Daul Kim: 7
Du Juan: 12
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 9 (open: 1)
Han Jin: 18
Hye Park: 13
Hyoni Kang: 15 (open: 1, close: 1)
Hyun Yi Lee: 9 (open: 1)
Joshua Ku: 1
Lakshmi Menon: 14 (close: 1)
Liu Wen: 18
Philip Huang: 2
Selina Khan: 6
Shu Pei: 15
Shunei Hoshimi: 1
Sung Yang: 2
Xiaoyi Dai: 8
Xiya Xu: 1

Model: Han Jin, Hyoni Kang, Liu Wen & Sung Yang
Designer: 3.1 Philip Lim

Model: Daul Kim, Du Juan, Han Jin, Hyun Yi Lee & Liu Wen
Designer: Anna Sui

Model: Xiaoyi Dai
Designer: Benjamin Cho

Model: Liu Wen
Designer: Carlos Miele

Model: Han Jin
Designer: Dennis Basso

Model: Du Juan & Lakshmi Menon
Designer: Derek Lam

Model: Eugenia Mandzhieva, Hyoni Kang, Hyun Yi Lee & Shu Pei
Designer: Kai Kuhne

Model: Daul Kim & Lakshmi Menon
Designer: Malo

Model: Han Jin, Hyoni Kang & Lakshmi Menon
Designer: Michael Kors

Model: Hye Park
Designer: Milly

Model: Hyoni Kang (close) & Selina Khan
Designer: Nanette Lepore

Model: Hye Park & Liu Wen
Designer: Narciso Rodriguez

Model: Du Juan & Hye Park
Designer: Oscar de la Renta

Model: Xiaoyi Dai
Designer: Pamella Roland

Model: Selina Khan
Designer: Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti

Model: Shu Pei
Designer: Tory Burch

Model: Anne Watanabe
Designer: Vivienne Tam


Anonymous said...

It was not Liu wen in the Kai Kuhne show and I think that might be Lee?

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for the correction, anon.

I look at hundreds and hundreds of photos all day and my eyes are beginning to bleed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think going to the individual models thread at tfs should help as they usually post the pics on their thread to see if you miss any shows!

Rock.The.Trend. said...

OMG same here! I am kinda dazed and confused by all the pictures already... if they throw in a collection with prints i might just get blind.

anw, i am starting to like hyoni, there's something so little girl about her that i like. she looked great at Michael Kors, she pulled off that awful tan very well.

Anonymous said...

great job, Asian Models Blogger!
by the way no Emma Pei and Gwen Loo? no any show at all?

Anonymous said...

Gwen Loo is old news!

Anonymous said...

daul kim is the best

Sensational Won said...

Hye's Harper's Bazaar editorial is out now.

Aria said...

Lakshmi did 18 shows! I wasnt expecting so many from her! I'm so happy..she totally deserves her succes! I hope it continues in London, Milan and Paris!!! whilst..i dont know why..i expected more from Daul..she's one of my favourite so i thought she'd do more shows..i hope she'll do better soon!

FND said...

Great job with the recaps.
Just wanted to share one thing. I love Selina Khan's unique beauty on the runway but I find her quite disturbing in photos (of what Ive seen) because her innocent face makes everything sexy looks kinda disturbingly inappropriate. Like its an underage thing.

I know she's from Antilles and from Elite Model Search but I never really checked how old she was.

kevin said...

Excellent piece of work done by the asian models and also the designers. But there is need to improve a little bit to compete with western models and designers.

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FND said...

Emma and Mo Wandan is missing!

I have to say Liu Wen is really growing into a catwalk presence. She's so beautiful too, and would soon rise to the level of Du Juan if she can be photographed as beautiful as Du does. She needs more great editorial.