Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hye Park Editorial for UK Harper's Bazaar, October 2008

Here is an interesting but not necessarily exciting editorial with Hye Park in UK's Harper's Bazaar, October 2008 issue. It is definitely a big coup for her because UK Harper's Bazaar rarely feature Asian models, much less an entire editorial with only the Asian model alone. Most European and American magazines will feature an Asian model if she was paired with other non-Asian models.

The close-up photos are amazing but I wish the photographer had used a more diverse background or scenery. The first couple of photos were beautiful but then, after the same thing repeated over and over again, it just got boring.

My favorite is Photo #5. Hye Park has one of the most interesting faces in fashion today. And the cat-eyes makeup is awesome.

Model: Hye Park
Editorial: Wicked Ways
Magazine:'Harper's Bazaar UK, October 2008
Photographer: Kerry Hallihan
Stylist:Vanessa Coyle

Source: Northern Star @ tFs


Anonymous said...

Agree with you on the scenery. It is same over and over...No creative.

For sure, the photographer and UK Harper's Bazaar want to focus on the clothes.

Doesn't you notice that abstract between clothes and the scenery?

Anonymous said...

Shoulders! Hunched back!

I love the clothes and styling, but her poses are terrible in this ed.

FND said...

I love #6 and the last two.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

#2 anon is idiot because, it said Hye's poses are terrible then you know nothing about high-fashion is all about.

Honey, #2 anon, do research on it then you should be understand.

Man, it must be have backward mind.

Anonymous said...

Agree with last poster! The story is gorgeous. Hye looks amazing

Styling on the hand - inconsistent.