Friday, September 26, 2008

Du Juan, Emma Pei & Zhang Xue Editorial for China Harper's Bazaar, September 2008 - Part II

Here is Part II of the Olympic-themed editorial from China Harper's Bazaar, September 2008 issue. The first set of photos has Du Juan and Emma Pei demonstrating the different sport events competed at the Olympic Games recently while the second set has Du Juan, Emma Pei and Zhang Xue looking 'dirty and sexy' in blank sand.

The photographer, Chen Zhun did an amazing job on this editorial. It is obvious that China Harper's Bazaar spared not expenses on these shoots and a fair amount of planning and budget went into the project. Just from the number of clothing and set changes, I suspect these photo shoots took days to complete. So is China Harper's Bazaar trying to steal the thunder from China Vogue, which came out with a s0-so issue for September 2008.

Models: Du Juan, Emma Pei & Zhang Xue
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar China, September 2008
Photographer: Chen Zhen

Source: Chinese Models


Anonymous said...

wow the "dirty" ones are heartstopping!! and the socks scared me. i thought those were twisted legs!!

Anonymous said...

i think im going to check out this one at the mag store.

Anonymous said...

# 1, 3, 5, and 11 are awesome to look at.

Overall: spectacular and extreme creative in making of the photos.

FND said...

the legs in the first pic is so unreal!

Brigitte said...

These awesome pics make the Lucy Liu "Olympic" photospread look stupid.

E-Money said...

omg theres also a male model there, his name is Jerry Fu.

Tyra said...

I love this photoshoot! Some pictures are quite funny actually, especially the picture before the very last one! Hahah that just seems weird, hahaa.

Anonymous said...

idont know about you, but i LOVE this

tom said...

I really like this photoshoot, Zhang Xue is so gorgeous and to be able to "act" in those screen shots is amazing!- check out more pictures of her here:

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