Thursday, September 25, 2008

Du Juan, Emma Pei & Zhang Xue Editorial for China Harper's Bazaar, September 2008 - Part I

This extensive Olympic-themed editorial in the September 2008 issue of China Harper's Bazaar is spectacular in its scope but a bit unfocused, in my opinion. The 30 plus-page editorial juxtaposed haute couture and fantasy with sportwears and athleticism without integrating the two themes together. It would have worked better as two separate editorials with individual themes. [There are various other themes too but I will post those tomorrow.]

That said, the photography and styling are top-notch. The haute couture story set in Chinese wuxia (kungfu) fantasy is just breathtaking. Du Juan, Emma Pei and Zhang Xue looked amazing in these photos and the CGI backgrounds really work here.

The second story on sportswear is just as amazing. The splashes of yellow, red and blue across the dark background really make the clothes pop in the photo. It is one of the most beautiful athletic editorials I've seen in awhile. The girls look convincingly athletic.

Models: Du Juan, Emma Pei & Zhang Xue
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: Harper's Bazaar China, September 2008
Photographer: Chen Zhun

Source: Chinese Models


laila said...

i have this issue! and the august vogue china olympic issue too!

while Vogue China's more high fashion, this one seems really into the whole sporting vibe with movements and all, love both. must watch out for chen zhun in future.

Mel said...

wow this is fierce!

Anonymous said...

#1, 2, and 11 blow me away.

Fantastic high-fashion blend into Olympic themes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Zhang is in Paris now :)

Mei said...

Go Chinese models ^__^ I looove Du Juan <3