Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Du Juan Editorial for China Vogue, September 2008

Du Juan is probably one of the hardest working models today with back-to-back editorials for China Vogue and a host of other international magazines. I hope she would pull back a little to avoid getting over-exposed, much like Agyness Deyn did. But then again, Agyness Deyn is just as famous for partying as she is of her fashion editorials and ad campaigns.

This editorial, shot by Lachlan Bailey (I'm a new fan of this photographer), is simply spectacular because this could easily be from Paris Vogue. The look is totally edgy, the clothes are fantastic (styled by Jonathan Kaye) and Du Juan looks very different from her usual soft, pouty persona. Maybe she was channeling Daul Kim. :-)

I think this is one of the best editorials by China Vogue. Good job everyone!!

Model: Du Juan
Editorial: Shape Renaissance
Magazine: China Vogue, September 2008
Photographer: Lachlan Bailey
Stylist: Jonathan Kaye

Source: Aja Mok @ tFs


Anonymous said...

simply just breath-taking

Anonymous said...

love the black

Bartleby said...

Hmm. Is channeling someone else progress? That aside, it's too stark, imho; it risks being a caricature of chiaroscuro. I don't think it does justice to the model or the label.

Anonymous said...

Little bit of Daul Kim-ish style in these pictures.

But, Du Juan made her own model style since she found interesting angles. Well, yes she almost go over-expose but not overrated, thank god!

Anonymous said...

like someone else said, a little more angular, "angry" shots (a la daul) but still graceful (a la du!)

beautiful photography.
beautiful poses.
beautiful styling and makeup.

Anonymous said...

Du Juan is hardly exposed. Take away her eds from Chinese mags, and the only ones I can remember are the allure and id one.

Lucy T. said...

such a beautiful woman! I love Chinese Vogue's eds and frankly, I'm tired of celebs gracing the pages of US Vogue. -_-
I should've asked my relatives from China to buy me an issue of Vogue from there before they came to live with me...

Anonymous said...

daul kim is still more charismatic than du.

Anonymous said...

there is no point in arguing who's better, the field will determind who's better