Monday, August 25, 2008

DNA Show Package for Spring 2009

Anne Watanabe has been a regular at the New York Fashion Week since the Spring/Summer 2006 season. She has walked for some of the most influential designers from Marc Jacobs to Anna Sui. Look for her in more shows this season.

Model: Anne Watanabe



Anonymous said...

Too bad, she isn't exactly modelish since she is too short for high-fashion runway.

Asian Models Blogger said...

Because of her height, she works almost exclusively at the NY Fashion Week, where the designers are more accepting of diversity. I don't think she has appeared on the runway in Milan or Paris, which are notoriously unforgiving for even the most minor imperfections.

Anonymous said...

she did appear in milan and paris but she didnt book anyshows. she just riding on her father ken watanabe.