Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Han Jin Editorial for Korea Numéro #1, August 2008

Another fabulous editorial from Han Jin. She is definitely getting better stylists and photograhpers this season.

Model: Han Jin
Editorial: L'Ombre
Magazine: Korea Numéro #1, August 2008
Photographer: Ogh Sang Sun
Stylist: Jeon Hyo Jin
Hair: Kin Jung Han

Source: StyleAmy @ tFs


-annabanana- said...

all of the editorials in the mag are smashing!!! Great great work!

Anonymous said...

to be honest with u
i think this editorial is kinda boring compared to other Korean eds cuz it's probably becoz of the set and the poses.

Anonymous said...

beautiful i love it

Anonymous said...

Yes, Han get better stylist and photographer.

Hmm....whole edits don't sell me anything.

Well, she is weak at pictures when compare to Hye and Du.

I notice she get more works in her home country. Same thing with Daul Kim who get similar amount of works in South Korea.

Clearly, Han and Daul couldn't get past of great top models, Hye and Du.

Obviously, French Vogue had already featured Hye and Du as top models.

Again, I'm not Han hater!

Anonymous said...

''Clearly, Han and Daul couldn't get past of great top models, Hye and Du.''

Hye was around many seasons before Du arrived, and Du was there before Han and Han before Daul! Hye and Du were established when asian models were big in 2005-6. There isn't room for 4 top asian models in the western market. Clients stick to the same asian girls cos they dont care about fresh faces. So Du and Hye just dont face the same competition as western models. It was only Han who almost reached the same level when she booked paris vogue, italia vogue and got the anna molinari campaign. After that she didnt book a top campaign so she just didnt cement her status. Runway is one thing but it has less importance for campaigns these days.

Daul is basically a new face to the western market...and she will appear in vogue italia soon shot by steven meisel. Wait and see where she goes, before saying she hasn't made it.

Du Juan is 26 years old. She is already a rarity on the top runways, and will be gone soon (she spends most of her time in china anyway)

it's already happening that asian models can have great success without breaking the western market.