Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sonny Zhou in Nordstrom Catalog, August Designer Book 2008

Here is Sonny Zhou in the new Nordstrom Designer Book Catalog out in August 2008. This book is a premier edition of the regular Nordstrom catalogs and it only showcases the works of top designers around the world.

Model: Sonny Zhou
Editorial: Fantastic Voyage
Catalog: Nordstrom Designer Book, August 2008
Photographer: Unknown

Source: Nordstrom


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics. It's not Lee btw, the model is Sonny Zhou.

Anonymous said...

yup i think she's sonny zhou
cuz lee has cross eyes

Anonymous said...

asian models blogger you always get these information wrong. how can you not tell the difference between these models? maybe you should be more attentive.