Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Han Jin Editorial for (Korean) Ceci Magazine

Korean Ceci Magazine chronicled Han Jin's trip to the Spring/Summer 2007 New York Fashion Week. I love the concept and the photos are amazing. Han looks absolutely gorgeous here.

Editorial: Han Hye Jin in NY
Photographer: Unknown
Magazine: Ceci Magazine, January 2007

Credit: Photos from Han Hye Jin Fansite.


Secret Agent said...

Wow, these photos are awesome. What a cool idea. I never liked Han that much before, but she grew on me. I think she looks good in the 3rd picture where she's in Central that Central Park? I've never been to NY...*sigh* I can only dream

Asian Models Blogger said...

The third photo was most likely taken at Bryant Park where the New York Fashion Week is held every year.

Secret Agent said...

Wow, you see how much I know about NY?'s sad. I really need to go there to learn more about my favourite place in the world. Yes, you heard right... NY is my favourite place in the world and I haven't even been there. I have a picture of Central Park in my room O_O

Model Citzen said...

i especially loved the first photo. as a resident in a city of almost 9 million people, it can feel very lonely sometimes. this picture captured that emotion.