Monday, May 21, 2007

Emma Pei, Sonny Zhou & Sheryl Yin from a Catalog

These photos were most likely taken from a catalog shoot for a departmental store. No other information was available except for the name of the photographer (LiQi), the name of the designers (below each photo) and season (Spring/Summer 2006) of the collections.

Emma Pei (l) and Sonny Zhou (r) in Chanel

Sonny Zhou (l) and Sheryn Yin (r) in Fendi

Emma Pei in Chloe

Sheryl Yin in Dior

Emma Pei in Givenchy

Emma Pei in Hermes

Emma Pei in Loewe

Sonny Zhou in Burberry

Sonny Zhou in Cher Michel Klein

Sonny Zhou in Ferragamo

Sheryl Yin in Louis Vuitton

Season: Spring/Summer 06
Photographer: LiQi
Catalog: Unknown

Credit: Photos from


Secret Agent said...

Holey crap... these girls are hot. I really like the black and white photos more than the coloured ones. I've never heard of Emma Pei before. Who's she signed with in NY? (does she have an agency in NY)?

Asian Models Blogger said...

Emma Pei is signed with IMG.

Click on her name on the model list in the left column and all her photos from this site will be there.

corrections said...

2nd picture: left is not Sonny, but Sherly

4th picture: is Sherly

last picture: Sherly


i adore this blog<3

Asian Models Blogger said...

Thanks for the info, 11:06 PM.