Thursday, September 24, 2015

Milan Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2016: Thursday, September 24, 2015

Number of Shows this Season
Ash Foo (Why Not): 2
Bhumika Arora (Elite Milan): 2
Cong He (IMG Milan): 1
Dylan Xue (Women Milan): 1
Estelle Chen (Elite Milan): 2
Han Bing (Elite Milan): 1
Hyun Ji Shin (IMG Milan): 2
Issa Lish (Why Not): 4
Jing Wen (Women Milan): 3
Kailey Hsu (Next Milan): 1
Kha Van (Ice): 1
Lu Ping Wang (Why Not): 4
Lu Tao (MP): 2  [Open: 1]
Mae Lapres (d'management): 3
Marga Esquivel (Women Milan): 3
Mona Matsuoka (d'management): 2  [Open: 1]
Soo Joo Park (Monster): 3
Sora Choi (Special): 2
Su Ping (Das): 1
Sung Hee Kim (Monster): 3
Tiana Tolstoi (Fashion): 4
Trang Nguyen (Das): 1
Vivian Wu (Urban): 1
Wang Xin Yu (Next Milan): 4
Wu I-Hua (Major Milan): 1
Yang Caiying (Agency?): 1
Yue Han (The Lab): 1
Yuka Mannami (Agency?): 1
Yumi Lambert (IMG Milan): 3

Models: Mona Matsuoka (d'management) [Open], Tiana Tolstoi (Fashion) & Kailey Hsu (Next Milan)
Designer: Anteprima

Models: Lu Ping Wang (Why Not), Dylan Xue (Women Milan) & Yumi Lambert (IMG Milan)
Designer: Costume National

Models: Mae Lapres (d'management), Jing Wen (Women Milan) & Estelle Chen (Elite Milan)
Designer: Emilio Pucci

Models: Bhumika Arora (Elite Milan) & Yuka Mannami (Agency?)
Designer: Fendi

Models: Lu Tao (MP) [Open], Ash Foo (Why Not), Sung Hee Kim (Monster) & Marga Esquivel (Women Milan)
Designer: Hogan

Models: Yang Caiying (Agency?), IM2 & Kha Van (Ice)
Designer: I'm Isola Marras

Model: LB1
Designer: Luisa Beccaria

Models: Issa Lish (Why Not) & Soo Joo Park (Monster)
Designer: Max Mara

Models: Issa Lish (Why Not) & Soo Joo Park (Monster)
Designer: Moschino

Models: Hyun Ji Shin (IMG Milan) & Sora Choi (Special)
Designer: Prada


ktv said...

marga esquivel walked for philip plein also.

Asi Mod said...

ktv - Thanks for the comment. I checked and I covered Philipp Plein on Wednesday's blog entry. She was listed in there.

Continue to send me info if I miss them.

Anonymous said...

IM1 - Yang Caiying (Agency?)