Monday, March 16, 2015

NEW GIRL MONDAY: Ash Foo in Elle Canada, April 2015

The recently concluded month of fashion week brought out a lot of new faces and emerging stars. We will be profiling new faces every Monday in our new series called, New Girl Monday.

First on our list is Canadian-Chinese model, Ash Foo who made her debut appearance at New York Fashion Week and then, showed up in Milan and walked on half a dozen shows. A perennial in Elle Canada, here is her third story in the magazine since December 2014.

Model: Ash Foo (New York)
Editorial: Ready for Action
Magazine: Elle Canada, April 2015
Photographer: Nelson Simoneau
Stylist: Sara Bruneau
Art Director: Denis Desro
Hair: Nicolas Blanchet
Makeup: Nicolas Blanchet

Source: Sutherland Models


lou said...

Wow stunning editorial! Very interesting style and tone of images

HumanAdult said...

Love love Ash Foo!!

Anonymous said...

She is lovely! By the way... JAE YOO is the cover of LES HOMMES Cambodia! Lovely:-))