Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paris Fashion Week, Fall 2013: Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paris Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013

 Number of Shows:

Chiharu Okunugi (Nathalie): 15
Feng Qi Wen (Agency?): 1
Han Bing (Elite Paris): 1 
Jennifer Koch (City): 2
Ji Hye Park (Oui): 15
Ji Young Kwak (Elite Paris): 10 
Lakshmi Menon (Women Paris): 1 
Lee Hye Jung (Major Paris): 5  [CLOSE: 1]
Li Xiao Xing (Elite Paris): 6 
Lili Ji (Elite Paris): 4
Lina Zhang (Elite Paris): 12 
Liu Wen (Marilyn Paris): 13  [OPEN: 1] 
Liu Xu (Marilyn Paris): 5 
Karmay Ngai (Metropolitan): 1
Mae Lapres (Marilyn Paris): 2
Ming Xi (Elite Paris): 8 
Samantha Gomez (Major Paris): 1 
Shu Pei (Next Paris): 2
Shu Yang Zhang (Metropolitan): 2 
So Young Kang (Marilyn Paris): 4
Soo Joo Park (IMG Paris): 7
Sui He (Nathalie): 6  [OPEN: 1, CLOSE: 1] 
Sun Fei Fei (Elite Paris): 19 
Sung Hee (IMG Paris): 6
Teng Teng Kong (Agency?): 2 
Tian Yi (Marilyn Paris): 9 
Varsha Thapa (Metropolitan): 2
Vivien Ong (Next Paris): 2 
Xiao Wei (Major Paris): 1 
Xiao Wen Ju (IMG Paris): 8  [OPEN: 1]
Yue Ning (Marilyn Paris): 4 
Yulia Saparniyazova (Ford Europe): 4  [OPEN: 1,  CLOSE: 1] 
Yumi Lambert (Nathalie): 8 [CLOSE: 1]
Zhang Xue (Agency?): 1  

Model: Samantha Gomez (Major Paris)
Designer: agnes b

 Models: Mae Lapres (Marilyn Paris), Ji Young Kwak (Elite Paris), Han Bing (Elite Paris) & Lina Zhang (Elite Paris)
Designer: Allude

 Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn Paris) & Chiharu Okunugi (Nathalie)
Designer: Elie Saab

Model: Yulia Saparniyazova (Ford Europe) CLOSE
Designer: Fatima Lopez

Model: Yulia Saparniyazova (Ford Europe)
Designer: Gauchère

Models: Lina Zhang (Elite Paris), Ming Xi (Elite Paris) & Yumi Lambert (Nathalie) CLOSE
Designer: Jitrois

Models: Chiharu Okumugi (Nathalie) & Shu Pei (Next Paris)
Designer: Louis Vuitton

 Models: Ji Young Kwak (Elite Paris) & Lina Zhang (Elite Paris)
Designer: Masha Ma

Models: Ji Hye Park (Oui), Chiharu Okunugi (Nathalie) & Sung Hee (Nathalie)
Designer: Miu Miu

 Models: Li Xiao Xing (Elite Paris), Lili Ji (Elite Paris), So Young Kang (Marilyn Paris), Teng Teng Kong (Agency?), Vivien Ong (Next Paris), Shu Yang Zhang (Metropolitan) & Liu Xu (Marilyn Paris)
Designer: Moncler Gamme Rouge

 Models: Liu Wen (Marilyn Paris) OPEN, Soo Joo Park (IMG Paris), Yumi Lambert (Nathalie), Sui He (Nathalie) CLOSE, Ming Xi (Elite Paris), Tian Yi (Marilyn Paris) & Shiatzy1
Designer: Shiatzy Chen

 Models: Xiao Wen Ju (IMG Paris), Ming Xi (Elite Paris), Yumi Lambert (Nathalie) & Feng Qi Wen (Agency?)
Designer: Vionnet

Models: Liu Xu (Marilyn Paris) & So Young Kang (Marilyn Paris)
Designer: Wunderkind


Anonymous said...

Happy for Ming xi having a successful season. Maybe elite finally woke up and realized she has high potentials.

Anonymous said...

Asi-mod check out this awesome ed featured 4 gorgeous Asian models by Mario Testino for UK Vogue. I saw the ed here

Anonymous said...

I would say this is the best fashion week for Asian models. Fei Fei came out to be a clear winner while chiharu exploded as a star.