Wednesday, January 16, 2013

EDITORIAL: Du Juan & Tian Yi in Glass Magazine #12, Winter 2012

Model: Du Juan (IMG) & Tian Yi (Fusion)
Editorial: A Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever . . .
Magazine: Glass Magazine #12, Winter 2012
Photographer: Stockton Johnson
Stylist: Lucienne Leung-Davies
Hair: Addy Lee & Jack Chong  
Makeup: Ma Yu 

Source: Glass Magazine


Anonymous said...

these two are gorgeous, and Du Juan should consider getting back on the runway...she is unforgettable..also have you seen Sui he for the Roberto Cavalli campaign- AMAZING!!!

thwany said...

You can't ever go wrong with Du Juan.

Anonymous said...

Wow! And this is the first time I have seen Du Juan and Tian Yi together. It's like the original supermodel teaching the young sisterhood. I love it!

Chris said...

Du Juan is absolutely divine! Her face, her motion and her grace!!! <3