Sunday, October 7, 2012

MAGAZINE COVER: Tian Yi for French Revue de Modes #21, Fall/Winter 2012

Model: Tian Yi (Fusion)
Magazine: French Revue de Modes #21, Fall/Winter 2012
Photographer: Thierry Le Goués
Stylist: Marcell Rocha
Hair: Benoit Moeyaert
Makeup: Eric Polito

Source: gilsa0870


Anonymous said...

I'm surprise at her success. I don't think she has that of an impressive beauty like Fei Fei.

HumanAdult said...

I think Tian Yi has a good walk, photographs well and has plenty of expressions. And she takes to make up really well. Her body is also that long lanky thing that fashion loves. True she is nowhere as close to Fei Fei's beauty but I think she is pretty cool herself at the moment. I see Tian Yi as a Shu Pei 2.0. We will see whether she can nab a campaign this season after the impressive run for Fashion Week.

That said, I love the cheeky look she projected on this cover.