Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kiki Kang Editorial for Teen Vogue, March 2010

Models: Kiki Kang (New York), Kelly Moreira (Ford) & Yulia Leontieva (Marilyn)
Editorial: Global Citizens
Magazine: Teen Vogue, March 2010
Photographer: Jason Kibbler
Fashion Editor: Nancy Rodhe

Source: Teen Vogue


Anonymous said...

lols the first pictures make me want to crack up, her leg is kicked up so high and in the second one her mouth is laughing so hard in teh face of the other model..i used to not like kiki. she looks ok here.

bibi said...

the pictures are amazing and i like these clothes =D

Anonymous said...

horrible shoot in my opinion, i wouldn't have expected that from teen vogue

Anonymous said...

OK I dug up another picture of Olivia Major who participated in the Ford Supermodel of the World in NYC...I think she has great potential - look at her face and she's only 15! I hope she makes it out here...tacky heels tho.


HumanAdult said...

Next stop. Benetton.

Anonymous said...

who is the new asin girl in the victoria secret catalog?


if you dont want to click to link, just check out the victoria secret website and searhc for scoopneck tank

mode.ulation said...

Kiki is so cute in this! Love it =]

Asi Mod said...

Anon 3:32, The girl in the Victoria Secret catalog is Aline Nakashima, I think.