Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New York Fashion Week, Fall 2010/Winter 2011: Tuesday, February 16

This is NOT a complete list of models and shows. It is being continuously updated every day. All information are gathered from,,,,, and tFs.

Number of Shows this Season:
Bibi S: 1
Bonnie Chen: 4
Carolyn Gao: 3
Charlene Almarvez: 8 [open: 1]
Danni Li: 7
Daniel Liu: 1
Dinara Chetyrova: 5
Emma Pei: 3
Eugenia Mandzhieva: 6 [open: 1, close: 1]
Hyoni Kang: 9 [open: 1, close: 1]
Irene Kim: 1
Jasmine Yan: 6
Jenny Shimizu: 1 [close: 1]
Kiki Kang: 2
Lakshmi Menon: 6
Lela: 4
Liu Wen: 14
Liu Dan: 2
Paula Kawanishi: 1
Philip Huang: 5
Ping Hue Cheung: 3
Selina Khan: 4
Shi-Han Hsiao: 2
Shu Pei: 15
Tao Okamoto: 14 [close: 1]
Wang Xiao: 1
Unknown (Castello Tagliapietra): 1
Unknown (Gary Graham): 1 [close: 1]
Unknown (Vivenne Tam): 1
Unknown (Rachel Roy): 1

Model: Tao Okamoto
Designer: Badgley Mischka

Models: Liu Wen & Lakshmi Menon
Designer: Derek Lam

Models: Hyoni Kang, Shu Pei, Eugenia Mandzhieva & Tao Okamoto
Designer: Devi Kroell

Model: Liu Wen
Designer: Donna Karan

Models: Lela , Dinara Chetyrova, Bonnie Chen & Philip Huang
Designer: Elie Tahari

Model: Jasmine Yan
Designer: Halston

Model: Shu Pei
Designer: Jill Stuart

Model: Dinara Chetyrova & Paula Kawanishi
Designer: Koi Suwannagate

Model: Bonnie Chen
Designer: Monique Lhuillier

Model: Charlene Almarvez
Designer: Rad Hourani

Models: Bibi S, Charlene Almarvez, Hyoni Kang & Selina Khan
Designer: Tracy Reese


Fred said...

emma pei: sophie theallet

ping: sophie theallet

thwany said...

the all black at elie tahari looks great

Anonymous said...

Charlene walked for CFDA/ Vogue Fund winner Sophie Theallet. She's maked 11 shows, actually.

Anonymous said...

She's walked 11 shows, actually.

Anonymous said...

that doesnt look like jasmine yan at elie looks more like bonnie if anything. and, i'm really glad for this bonnie girl. i think she's really pretty and she has walked so many shows! I hope some of these girls get more print jobs!

Anonymous said...

It was not Jasmine Yan at elie tahari, it was Dinara.
Bonnie was at that show as well
Philip was at that show too..

Anonymous said...

Lela is chineese from Beijing
she s with Wilhelmina

Anonymous said...

shu pei s face looked so different nowadays...

Anonymous said...

Paula was at Koi Suwannagate too

Asi Mod said...

Thanks for all the great information.

Anonymous said...

Have Hye Park and Du Juan both retired already or are they taking a break? Does anyone know? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I heard hye park got married

Anonymous said...

Dinara at Staerk

Anonymous said...

i didnt like lela at first but now i see that she has these amaaaazing cheekbones. they just gotta be careful with the makeup, as with any girl.

Anonymous said...

This new generation of asian models are far below the standard of Du, Hye, Han or Ai.. sigh.

Anonymous said...

I disagree, and the so-called new generation are bound to evolve certainly... Du, Hye, Han or Ai didn't start at the top upfront, gotta take a slow but sure stride to superstar status. :)

Anyways, the industry is the only authority (not the agencies or "fans") who will dictate on who among these new breed of models goes on top.

Looking at the enormous amount of asian models who have walked this season. I should say our chances of producing top guns is impeccable.

Kudos to all asian models.

Anonymous said...

^i rather meant they are nowhere near as beautiful or distinct

Barbara said...

It is Jasmine Yan....It sure seams like a lot of girls are threatened by her.
She is going to be getting all the work I would say.
Jealousy does make girls talk and hiss.

fab_gab said...

Thanks for diligently keeping track of this! I've linked to your blog in my latest blog entry about the Asian models from NY fashion week.
You'll see it soon at
Please link to me if you like my site!
-fellow NY-er