Friday, November 20, 2009

Gwen Lu Editorial for (Malaysia) NuYou, November 2009

Gwen Lu is no longer with Elite Models in New York. She is, however, still on the board at City Models (Paris) and Why Not (Milan)

That said, I absolutely <3 the first two photos from this editorial! Great job, NuYou!

Model: Gwen Lu (City Paris)
Editorial: Unknown
Magazine: (Malaysia) NuYou, November 2009
Photographer: Chintoo
Stylist: Monica Mong
Hair: Lois Lee
Makeup: Sheng Saw

Source: Shengerleng @ Blogspot


Ashburn Eng said...

GWEN is ferocious!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wow! she has been dropped from elite's roster? i cannot believe it!

it's just fashion la ! said...

amazing editorial by malay mag !!!!!

hong kong should learn a thing or two !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

she looks flawless. look at those cheekbones

Anonymous said...

Pictures Alive

Yeah, I agree those flawless cheekbone r a bit fake.
Seems tat her look is always
subject to the same character,
nothing else

Anonymous said...

Correction: NUYOU is Chinese Fashion Magazine in Malaysia