Saturday, November 14, 2009

Daniel Liu & Hana Mayeda Editorial for GQ China, November 2009

Now that Condé Nast has launched GQ China (in October 2009), I hope to see more Asian male models getting work and recognition in the international scene.

Foreign markets can be risky but highly profitable. New York Magazine reported that Vanity Fair Italia was one of the most profitable magazines on Condé Nast stable of publications. Aside from revenues generated from the ad pages, the magazines are sold mostly from newsstands at full price (€4-€5).

In the US the revenues for publishers are generated primarily from ad pages where rates are determined by circulation numbers. So to beef up the circulation numbers, most magazines offer cheap annual subscriptions ($12-$19/year) to the readers.

Models: Daniel Liu (Ford) & Hana Mayeda (Marilyn)
Editorial: New York Travel
Magazine: GQ China #2, November 2009
Photographer: Blair Getz Mezibov
Stylist: Grant Pearce

Source: Scanned by 很大很大 @ tFs


AriL said...

He's jsut so handsome!!! Daniel and Philip are 2 of my few favourite male models right now. Just so charming!

rodney said...


- Daniel looks great!!! A bit too tall for my tastes though xD

Anonymous said...

liu wen for VS, that would be interesting. hana is always goregous but i no longer drool over daniel. he is tall but i dont like the styling they did for his body type. i also dont think his facial features are drool worthy..

Laura said...

speaking of liu wen, I'm so happy I came across your blog. It is just terrific. I wanted to share a fashion collage I thought you might enjoy that I made when I was searching for Asian models amongst a sea of Caucasian images in teen magazines. It stars yours truly in a sea of excess and stereotypes: Counterpart, images, goes the afro-hispanic route:

Keep posting these beautiful images.

Pret a Porter P said...

i like this, my favorite shot is the coming out of tiffany's one.

Superha said...

Daniel Liu and Hana Mayeda make a gorgeous couple! He really makes the suits look great. Thanks for posting these pics, AMB!

Beauty Is Diverse said...

Great shoot.

Anonymous said...

hey,i just want to tell u
Mackenzie's book update on DNA again.

happy to know she is still with them^^

Ashburn Eng said...

daniel looks amazing!!

Anonymous said...

Have you guys seen Daniel in the new Surface magazine? Great photos!