Monday, March 15, 2010

Jihae Kim Ad Campaign for Eileen Fisher, Spring/Summer 2010

Model: Jihae Kim (Wilhelmina) & Others
Ad Campaign: Eileen Fisher, Spring/Summer 2010
Photographer: Gentl & Hyers @ Edge

Source: Eileen Fisher


Yuri said...

i'm so happy i came across your blog! i am the biggest fan of Tao, and i love that you bring attention to the presence of asians in the fashion world. :)

i look forward to reading your posts!

xoxo, rose.

Djamee said...

I am a supporter of asian visibility in fashion. I have represented asian since I launched my company DJAMEE MODELS. As a matter of fact our first model is part latino part asian. I am looking for more models from all asian countries and I hope you can also check out David won's portfolio on our site .

Simon said...

I seriously doubt Gentl & Hyers shot this campaign.
The images are definitely not as good as what they usually do. The lighting is just bad here.

rap instrumentals said...

Great post! I agree with Simon though: the lighting needs work :(