Thursday, February 25, 2016

Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2016: Thursday, February 25, 2016

Number of Shows this Season

Atikah Karim (Major Milan): 1
Chiharu Okunugi (Women Milan): 1
Cong He (IMG Milan): 3
Dylan Xue (Women Milan): 1
Faye (The Fabbrica): 1
Huan Zhou (Special): 1
Hyun Ji Shin (IMG Milan): 2
Issa Lish (Why Not): 4
Ji Young Kwak (Elite Milan): 1
Jing Wen (Women Milan): 3
Jisu Hong (The Fabbrica): 1
Julee Huang (Women Milan): 2
Jung So Hyun (Urban): 1
Li Xiao Xing (Women Milan): 2
Lu Ping Wang (Why Not): 5
Lu Tao (MP Management): 1
Mae Lapres (d'management): 4
Marga Esquivel (Women Milan): 2
Shu Pei (Oui): 1
Sora Choi (Special): 4
Sun Fei Fei (Women Milan): 1
Sun Jung Lee (The Lab): 1
Wang Xin Yu (Next Milan): 2
Yue Han (The Lab): 3
 Yumi Lambert (IMG Milan): 2

Model: Shu Pei (Oui)
Designer: Alyx

Models: Hyun Ji Shin (IMG Milan) & Chiharu Okunugi (Women Milan)
Designer: Anteprima

Models: Sun Jung Lee (The Lab) & Yue Han (The Lab)
Designer: Byblos

Models: Yumi Lambert (IMG Milan), Hyun Ji Shin (IMG Paris), Atikah Karim (Major Milan) & Dylan Xue (Women Milan)
Designer: Costume National

Models: Faye (The Fabbrica) & Jung So Hyun (Urban)
Designer: Cristiano Burani

Models: Cong He (IMG Milan) & Issa Lish (Why Not)
Designer: Emilio Pucci

Models: Li Xiao Xing (Women Milan) & Sora Choi (Special)
Designer: Fendi

Models: Lu Ping Wang ( Why Not) & Cong He (IMG Milan)
Designer: Francesco Scognamiglio

Model: LB
Designer: Luisa Beccaria

Models: Lu Ping Wang (Why Not) & Ji Young Kwak (Elite Milan)
Designer: Les Copains

Models: Issa Lish (Why Not), Lu Ping Wang (Why Not), Marga Esquivel (Women Milan) & Mae Lapres (d'management)
Designer: Max Mara

Models: Issa Lish (Special)
Designer: Moschino

Models: Sun Fei Fei (Women Milan), Jing Wen (Women Milan) & Sora Choi (Special)
Designer: Prada


Anonymous said...

Fei fei was Prada's exclusive. Her first exclusive for a brand and also for the number one casting in the industry.

HumanAdult said...

I hope it comes with a campaign.It's amazing that she can still bag an exclusive from a superbrand at this state of her career. Cant wait to aee where this will lead.

Is Fei Fei a Milan exclusive only? Wondering whether she'll do Paris.